While lawyers tend to be the punch line of many jokes, they do often have the last laugh. The reason for this is because a legal career presents with numerous benefits. It may take several years of hard work, study and practical experience to become an attorney; however, the rewards do outweigh the cost of achieving the law degree with a license to practice. This article will provide information on the most common advantages to becoming one of the Glaisyers commercial solicitors Manchester.

1. Financial And Emotional Rewards
One of the greatest benefits to working as Glaisyers commercial solicitors Manchester is the financial rewards. This is potentially the primary reason many people choose to enter a legal profession as lawyers are known to have a lucrative income. According to UK National Statistics, a newly qualified attorney at a small commercial practice can expect to earn between £25,000 and £40,000 per annum. Commercial solicitors in larger legal firms will earn salaries twice this size and the largest firms pay their employees in excess of £80,000.

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Of course, financial rewards are not the only reason why individuals opt to enter the legal field – the emotional rewards are also important. Many attorneys state that the satisfaction of winning a case is far more rewarding than any financial compensation. Attorneys will typically see people during the most challenging moments in their lives; therefore, it can be extremely rewarding to assist the client in finding a successful resolution to the problem.

2. Intellectual Challenges And Mental Stimulation
Another benefit to entering the legal profession is the mental stimulation a solicitor will experience when dealing with the different case loads. To successfully resolve these cases, a lawyer is required to work through legislation and apply appropriate legal theories to the case. The majority of lawyers possess superb analytical skills and it is essential that one use these abilities to formulate strategies as part of case preparation. Practising law helps you use your mental abilities in different ways to solve problems for the client.

3. Arguing And Debating
Certain attorneys will never enter a court room or argue a case before juries; however, there are other attorneys that are in court regularly presenting new cases before juries daily. If you enjoy the challenge of arguing a case using legal theories and strategies to prove allegations, the legal profession is an ideal industry. It provides ample opportunity to argue, debate and examine various interpretations of the law.

4. The Work Environment
For many solicitors, the work environment is one of the greatest benefits associated with the legal profession. The majority of attorneys work within law firms, corporations or government organisations where they are provided with offices instead of working in a cubicle. Choosing to be a lawyer also includes the benefit of prestige and gives you a sense of status. If you are an experienced attorney in a firm, you may have certain benefits that others do not receive such as the ability to set your own hours or an expense account.